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The Story 
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I like beautiful and inspiring stories in this world.
Of People who make a difference. Of People who make the first step.
Of People who remember to live.

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Living on the Road

The custom of leaving home to travel as a journeyman has been kept up from late medieval times until today. About 500 young craftsmen and -women are living on the road: All belongings in a cotton scarf on their back and not going home for three years and one day. 


The photographer. 

Driven by the interest in discovering new places and stories. Inspired by changemakers. Educated in photojournalism in Hannover, Germany and in advanced visual storytelling in Aarhus, Denmark.

Romantic temperament and a profound knowledge of visual language. Traveling and adopting to new communities with ease. Experienced in respectful connecting to protagonists of every background.

Canon Profifoto Award
VG Bild Scholarship,...

Stern magazine, mare, 
federal government of Germany, ...

Photokina Cologne, KUBUS Hannover, Art Society Gießen, Galery FB2 Dortmund, Tarragona Spain,...

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Sharing a farm

The comunity supported agriculture produces organic, vegan and locally grown food. For the fixed monthly amound every member gets what ever the harvest is - and this way shares the risks of the unconventional farming between many. 


Visual Storytelling // Hanover, Germany // local phone: +4917672444432 // nina@ninaweymann.de